Course Walk Tips


Course Walk Through

The course is different at every single event. This definitely adds to the fun and challenge of autocross. The course is open twice during the day for walking. You will want to walk it. We have guided course walks 30 minutes before the morning and afternoon Driver’s Meetings if you want some tips on how to get through the course. You will want to walk as many times as possible before you are scheduled to drive. The purpose of walking the course is to learn its flow and to help avoid getting “lost” during your timed runs, but remember, don’t feel bad if you do get lost - everyone has done so at one time or another.

Some of the tips you will get on a guided course walks will help you develop a “game plan” for your runs. When can you accelerate? When should you brake? What kind of line (path) are you going to choose? Which side of an optional slalom are you going to take? Is there a gotcha that more experienced drivers can see? Don’t be afraid to listen to people talking on the course and ask them their opinion. Usually they will be glad to help you. Remember, we were all new at this, at one time or another.

One last note, as you walk the course, look at the surface conditions; are there rocks, rubber or oil on the pavement? Are you going to have to turn on a dip in the pavement? All of these things will have an effect on the way that you choose to drive the course.