What is Autocross?

Autocross is a low-to-medium speed driving skill contest in which cars are individually timed over a short road course marked by traffic cones. Cars are separated from each other to ensure safety.


Drivers provide their own cars for racing. Most street-legal cars, other than SUVs, are allowed. No special modification is required. In fact, we especially welcome 'regular' cars like the one you drive to work every day. No special racing certification or experience is necessary - anyone with a valid driver's license is welcome as we provide instructors for all novices every event.

Besides being an accessible, affordable and fun way to get started in Motorsports, Autocross provides you with the chance to become a part of a very diverse community of men, women, young and 'young-at-heart' - all united by a love of cars and driving. So bring the family car - along with the family, of course - and join in the excitement!

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